Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine ball exercises are used to develop strength and power for many sports. There are exercises for all kinds of movements: (throws, lifts, pulls etc.) All you need is a set of medicine balls of different bounciness and weight and for some exercises maybe a training partner. Some exercises are suitable for plyometric training programs, others can be used to develop endurance or isometric strength. However, medicine ball exercises are appropriate for all fitness levels and ages. The advantage of medicine ball training over weight training is, that you don't need that much expensive equipment. Besides the exercises are not really dangerous if not executed 100% correctly. Depending on which sport you are into, you should choose the right exercises. After a while you can even make up your own sport specific movements. Medicine ball training is very popular in track and field sports, swimming, ball sports etc. Indeed both, amateur and professional athlets of most sports can benefit from medicine ball exercises. Find other reactive strength training methods at track & field main.

Description: Medicine Ball Exercises

  • There are medicine ball exercises for all bodyparts. So you can make up a routine for your entire body with only medicine balls.
  • There are bouncy and non-bouncy medicine balls. The bouncy ones are usually rubber balls, while the non-bouncy ones are normally made of leather. Bouncy medicine balls are often used for plyometric exercises with fast repetitions, while the non-bouncy and heavier balls are often used for exercises with longer pauses between repetitions. Besides there are medicine balls with handles and huge fitness balls which are used in some modernized exercises.
  • Medicine balls usually weight between 1 and 10 kg.

Trainer advice: Medicine Ball Exercises

  • Usually those with weight training background have a better understanding for medicine ball exercises.
  • You can make your own medicine ball:
    Just open a basket ball, fill it with sand or sawdust and close it again. (with glue and tape) Instead of a light, bouncy medicine ball for plyometric exercises, you can also use a basketball.
  • In a typical medicine ball workout you do 6 to 35 repetitions in 8 to 10 exercises. The more strength you want, the less repetition. The more endurance you want, the more repetitions. 2 or 3 sets per exercise. I recommend 40 minutes per workout, 3 workouts per week.
  • Combine medicine ball training with weight training and stretching.
  • Stretch between sets and exercises.

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