Switch-Leg Leaps - Wushu Plyometrics

Switch Leg Leaps - Plyometrics

In this lesson you will learn how to do switch-leg leaps. You can do this exercise on a box or any platform between one foot and knee height. The switch-leg leap is designed to develop reactive strength for one legged jumps. A lot of wushu athletes use this technique to develop jumping strength for the basic jumps. However, I have also seen short-distance runners do this exercise. Find more plyometric leg exercises at track & field main.

Description: Switch Leg Leaps - Plyometrics

  • Start with on leg on the box and the other one on the floor. The arms hang down relaxed by the sides. Keep your upper body upright or lean forward slightly and keep your core tight. Don't hollow your back.
  • Then jump straight up with the strength of the front leg - here the left leg. Close your legs and extend both knees. You can swing your arms a little bit, but try not to create too much momentum. The strength comes from the left leg (quadriceps).
    The upper body should remain quite stiff.
  • Switch legs in the air (that's why this exercise is called switch-leg leap) and land with the right leg on the box. When you jump from the left leg, you land on the right leg and the other way around. Bend the right leg and extend the left leg. The ball of the left foot touches the floor.
  • Jump up again before the left heel touches the floor. (only the ball of the foot touches the floor) Now the strength comes from the right leg. The left foot touches the floor, but doesn't contribute much to the jump.
  • Catapult yourself up again, close your legs, then switch legs and plant your left foot on the box. Don't forget to keep your upper body tight and always jump with the strength of the leg that's on the box. This is about pushing your head up in the air and not about switching legs fast. Keep the contact to the box short and to the floor even shorter.

Trainer advice: Switch Leg Leaps - Plyometrics

  • Do 2 or 3 sets of 20 to 50 repetitions and stretch your quadriceps between sets.
  • Warm up your knees and your ankles before you do switch-leg leaps.
  • By changing the height of the box, you can develop reactive strength at a different position.
  • This exercise is very good for one legged jumps like the flying wushu frontkick and the whirlwind kick.

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