The Climate in Yun Cheng - China

The most comfortable time of the year to go to Song Jiang is between April and June or August and October. In the summer it can become very hot, but what's even worse, is that air humidity often goes up to 90 percent. Between December and March it is quite cold and sometimes it snows. Actually temperatures only go slightly below zero degrees, but the wind makes the cold insufferable. Besides the students have a 2 month spring festival break anywhere between february and march. So the situation would be even worse if you were the only student in the school. Everybody will tell you that the training keeps going during vacations, but that's a lie. You can work out with a personal instructor, but he will not show up half of the time and if you are at a wushu school in China while Chinese students are enjoying a break, you won't even be able to complain to somebody. Also check out our wushu section if you want to get ready.

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  • Most young foreigners visit Chinese martial arts school during their summer breaks. That's when temperatures go up to 40 degrees and air humidity is at 90 percent. I don't know if these numbers tell you something, but that basically mean that you will feel like if you were sweating 10 liters per hour, even if you are just walking or eating something.
  • A lot of foreigners get sick from the climate. I am not sure what this is called in english. In Chinese the climate disease is called "Guo Ming" and they have pills against in every drugstore. You get a rush and little swelling that look like mosquito bites. It's not dangerous but you should take the pills, drink a lot and and be prepared for itchiness.
  • Apropos mosquitoes: There are a lot of mosquitoes between July and August. But don't worry, I have never heard that anybody got malaria or something in the area of Yun Cheng.
  • The area is quite sandy and you will seldom see a blue sky. Pollution is very high.
  • Sometimes there is so much fog that you cant's see your own feet when you run in the morning. But this only happens a few times per year and only in the woods behind the school.
  • Winter is very windy and cold. Not all classes train have a training hall with heaters. So if you are going to Yun Cheng in December, tell Lichen that you want to work out in a training hall with heaters.

Advice: The Climate in Yun Cheng - China

  • If you get "Guo Ming" take you pills and drink a lot.
  • During the summer months it is very hot and air humidity is super high. Wash your clothes every day, because you will sweat like never before.
  • Make sure you know in time when the Chinese students have a break. You could take a break too, so that you don't have to get pissed off every day because your personal instructor doesn't show up. After all the school doesn't pay them extra for teaching foreigners during the break. Don't pay a school fee if there is a break. Say you want a break too or pay your instructor extra - out of your pocket.
  • If you are going to Song Jiang during the winter months, ask Lichen if you can work out in a training hall with heaters.