What you can learn at Song Jiang Wushu School

Song Jiang offers a wide range of Chinese, japanese and western martial arts. 40 percent of the students practice wushu taolu (wushu forms), 25 percent train sanda (Chinese kickboxing) and the rest does wrestling, boxing, movie stunts, tae kwon do, judo etc. The availability of some classes might change from time to time, so make sure to contact Lichen in time and don't be shy to ask questions. Usually foreigners will practice with private wushu instructors. If you want to train in a class with Chinese students, ask before you go there. Also check out our wushu section if you want to get ready.

Martial Arts: Courses at Song Jiang wushu school

  • Wushu Taolu - SJ wushu school focuses on modern wushu and acrobatics, but they can also teach you traditional styles. If you want to learn a traditional style, please make sure Lichen knows in time, because the school might have to arrange an instructor.
  • Sanda is one of the martial arts that are at a very advanced level at Song Jiang. Probably one of the best in China. They have a very good coach and his students most national and international competitions.
  • Movie Stunts - If you want to learn movie stunts you should be quite experienced at wushu, gymnastics or tricking. If the school is preparing a event like the olympic opening ceremony, movie stunt classes might not be available, because the team often practices somewhere else for those events. For availability please make sure to contact Mr. Li Chen in time.
  • Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling)
    There is only one class for Chinese wrestling and it might not be available when there are not enough Chinese students. Ask Mr. Li Chen before you go to SJ.
  • Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo.
    You can also take TKD, judo etc classes, but i guess you would not go to China to learn those things. However, you can also mix courses and for example attend an additional judo class once every week.
  • Gymnastics - Song Jiang wushu school is a martial arts school and therefore does not
    teach gymnastics. But back handsprings and flips with up to one full twist are practiced is wushu. They also have bouncy floors which can be used for gymnastics training, so if you want to learn basic tumbling skills, there is no problem. But if you want to learn pommel horse or high bar skills, sorry, SJ can't teach you those things.

What else an I learn: Courses at Song Jiang wushu school

  • Of course you can also learn Chinese at SJ wushu school. For that purpose you can either ask Mr. Li Chen for private lessons or ask to visit regular general knowledge classes. (just sit there and listen - classmates will teach you)