Sights near Song Jiang Wushu School

Yun Cheng isn't really the right place for sightseeing. The best sight is the school itself and the fact that you will get to know the poorest place you have ever been to. I am not the talking about the school, but Yun Cheng and the surrounding area. There is a big museum with around 30 buildings inside the school and a lot of people come to visit it every day. From time to time they use this location to produce movies: For example Sammo Hong's last movie: Wushu - 2007. Besides there is a little tower and a lake at Guang Chang in Yun Cheng. It's nothing amazing, but it's ok for a 15 minutes stay and there is a western style fast food restaurant called DICO's at Guang Chang. You will love it after 2 weeks of "Song Jiang Food". Click Here for more information about wushu training in China.

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  • If you are traveling to China to learn wushu, but also want to see the forbidden city, the great wall or other famous places, I recommend you do all the sightseeing when you arrive to Beijing or a few days before you fly back. Actually, before the back flight would be a bit better, because if there are any problems with the train connections to Beijing, you will be able to cancel some of the sights and get your flight in time.
  • Places you should see:
    • Tian An Men
      All the busses to the train station pass Tian An Men.
    • The Forbidden City
      Entrance at Tian An Men
    • Mao Ze Dong's Body
      At Tian An Men
    • One of the parks in Beijing
      Especially if you are traveling to China around the spring festival.
    • The West Trainstation
      On a busy day = Real China
    • The Wushu Museum at Song Jiang
    • The Great Wall
      You should reserve an entire day for this trip, because it is a few hours from Beijing. You can buy tickets at Tian An Men.