Hyperextensions - Back Extensions

Hyperextensions - Back Extensions

The hyperextension, also known as back extension, is a bodyweight exercise for the lower back muscles, where you lock your legs in a hyperextension machine and raise your upper until legs and trunk are in one line. Hyperextension are good for everybody who wants to train his lower back muscles. If you prefer heavier exercises. I recommend the barbell deadlift, which is better for maximum strength and muscle volume. However, people with back problems and or weak back muscles should stick with hyperextensions. Find more back exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Lie on a hyperextension machine and put your heels under the foot pads. Make sure the thigh pad is NOT right under your hips. You should be able to raise and lower your upper body without restriction. Move forward a little, so that the front edge of the thigh pad is slightly behind hip level and then put your hands behind the head or cross your arms in front of the chest. Start with your head down and your upper body extended. You can hollow your back slightly, but you should never round your back.
  • Slowly raise your trunk until your upper body and your legs are in line. Exhale slowly and concentrated. Make sure your back stays straight, don't round your back. You can slightly hollow your back, but be careful! Over arching the back is just as bad as rounding.
  • Stop and then bend down again. Move down slowly and inhale at the same time. Keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise. Stop shortly before you reach vertical level and then move up again. Don't let your upper body hang or rest at the lowest position. Keep in mind that your back muscles should stay under contraction during the entire movement. If you pass vertical level, your back muscles will relax automatically.


  • Reasons why you shouldn't move down too far:
    1) You will round your back
    2) You will create momentum
    3) You might pinch a nerve when you swing back up and your lower back muscles
    catch the weight of your upper body.
  • If you want to make your hyperextension heavier, hold a plate with crossed arms
    in front of your chest.