Back Muscles - Pulldown Behind Neck

Back Muscles - Pulldown Behind Neck

In this lesson you will learn how to do pulldowns behind the neck, which train your back muscles (Lattissimus Dorsi). Pull the bar down in a straight line and make sure you don't create momentum. Find more exercises for your back muscles at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Sit down comfortable and keep your back straight and vertical. Don't lean forward too much when you pull down the bar. Grasp the bar with approximately 2 shoulder widths.
  • Pull down the bar until it touches your neck or the top of your back. It is very important that you pull the bar down in a straight, vertical line. Don't create momentum. If you elevate one shoulder more than the other, you are probably trying to lift too much weight. Exhale as you pull down and rotate you elbows back a little.
  • Then extend your arms again and inhale at the same time. The up-motion should be slightly slower than the down-motion.


  • Stop, if your shoulders or your elbows don't feel comfortable.
  • Stretch your shoulders and your back muscles between sets and exercises. If you lack in shoulder flexibility, the lat pulldown can be bad for the shoulders.
  • To avoid a neck strain on top of a shoulder strain, make sure you don't bend your neck forward.