Back Muscles - Wide Grip Lat Pull-Up

Back Muscles - Wide Grip Lat Pull-Up

In this lesson you will learn how to do wide grip lat pull-ups for the upper back muscles and the arms. All you need for this exercise is a pull-up bar. Find more exercises for your back muscles at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Grab the pull-up bar at approximately 2 shoulder widths with your fingers pointing forward (away from the head). Start with your elbows almost extended.
  • Then pull yourself up until your chest touches the pull-up bar and exhale slowly. Try to keep your entire body straight and don't create momentum with your legs.
  • Then extend your arms again, move back down and inhale at the same time. Keep your shoulders low throughout the entire exercise and fully extend your arms. Slow down the movement at the end and don't let yourself fall (you don't wanna injure your elbows). At the lowest position your lats should be stretched slightly.


  • Don't swing your body to create momentum. Keep you knees extended and your abs contracted slightly.
  • Keep your collar bones straight under the pull-up bar - don't swing!
  • The pull-up is a bodyweight exercise. So you can't use less weight than your own bodyweight. If you cannot yet to "one" pull-up, you can ask a training partner to help you or do your pull-ups on a pull-up machine in a gym. To make your pull-ups more difficult, use a weightlifting belt and attach weight with a chain or a sling.