Seated Calf Raise - Calf Muscles

Seated Calf Raise - Calf Muscles

The seated calf raise trains the outside of your calf muscles and basically broadens your the soleus muscle. Instead of using this kind of calf raise machine, you can also put weights on your thighs. Find more exercises for your calf muscles at weight training main.


  • Sit into the calf raise machine, put the balls of your feet on the foot rests and your thighs under the leg pad. You can hold onto the handles to take pressure from your thighs. However, the handles are not made to pull the weight. Again, this exercise is made for the calf muscles. If the leg pad is comfortable enough, I recommend you don't touch the handles at all.
  • Lift your heels until your calf muscles are fully contracted and exhale. Move slowly and concentrated.
  • Then lower your heels again and inhale. Lower your heels until your calf muscles are stretched slightly, but don't let the weight rest on your ankles.
  • Repeat without bouncing and don't create momentum.


  • The seated calf raises can also be done with a barbell or plates on your thighs.
  • Stretch your calf muscles between sets and exercises.
  • The seated calf raise is not designed for heavy weights. Choose a weight so that you can do 20 to 30 repetitions.
  • Superset recommendation: Barbell Calf Raise + Seated Calf Raise