Plate Front Raise - Shoulder Muscles


  • Stand with one leg in front, and hold a plate with both hands. The elbows should be slightly bent and the upper body upright. Contract your abdominals a little and keep your shoulders still. I recommend you do this shoulder exercise in front of a mirror. You can also do the plate front raise in a parallel stance. However, standing with one leg forward is usually better. Most people use a 5 to 10 kg plate.
  • Lift the plate and exhale slowly. Don't lean back and don't elevate your shoulders. You can lean forward a little, but leaning back is bad form. Keep your abdominals slightly contracted and don't move your elbows. Don't create momentum. Lift your plate to eye level (not over-head). Hold the highest position for half a second.
  • Then lower the weight, until the plate touches your thighs. The down-motion should be slightly slower than the up-motion. Don't let the weight fall and inhale slowly as you lower the plate.


  • If you are not using a heavy weight, you can also do the plate front raise with your arms fully extended.
  • It doesn't matter if you stand with the left leg forward or with your right leg forward. If you are using a light weight, a parallel stance would be ok too.
  • Don't raise your arms too high -> be careful with your shoulders.
  • Stretch your shoulders between sets and exercises.
  • How to exhaust your shoulder muscles even more: After you reach muscle failure, lift the plate with your biceps and your shoulders (bending your elbows). Then extend your arms and lower the weight as slow as you can -> Negative Repetitions.
  • If you don't have any weight training equipment, you can do the plate front raise with a stone, a suitcase etc.
  • Superset recommendation: Front Plate Raise + Dumbbell Laterals