How to learn the Wushu Aerial Twist

How to learn the Wushu Aerial Twist

In this lesson you will learn a training method for the aerial twist. Before you get started, check out the basic instruction for the wushu aerial twist . Learn and understand how to jump off and how to initiate the twist. Also learn the handstand hop, both sides of the handstand turn and the gymnastic front handspring. For this training method, you will need a springboard, a thick landing mat and lots of foam pieces or soft mats. Find more wushu instructions at wushu main.


  • First, place your springboard in front of your mats. Then put softer mats or foam pieces on top of your first mat.
  • As a warm up, do a couple of handstands where you lift your right leg first and turn to the left. Also do that with a hop, so that you get used to the direction of the twist. But be careful with your hands/elbows.
  • Then do a few gymnastic front handsprings and land on both legs.
  • Time to get started: Run towards your springboard like if you were going to do a normal aerial (wushu cartwheel without hands), but instead, do a frontwhip and land on your back. A frontwhip is a front handspring without hands. But you don't have to learn how to do a frontwhip. It's ok if you are able to gain some height, close your legs and fall on your back. Try not to land in a sitting position. Align your upper body with your legs. Do this for a few weeks before you move on.
  • Since you are now comfortable landing on your back, do the same thing again, but turn to the left after the landing. At the beginning it can be kinda difficult to turn the right way, but you will get used to it. Remember the handstand turn exercise. After a while you will be able to turn in the air (shortly before the landing). Important: Don't try to twist too early. At the beginning you should not twist before you body reaches vertical level.
  • When you are able to land on your stomach, you are almost there. Put your hands down and land on all four.
  • From here it will only take you a few more training sessions until you can land your wushu aerial twist without hands.


  • Try not to look down to your left foot as you jump off. Instead, look forward and keep your abs tight.
  • Whenever you feel your a-twist is losing height, go back to the gymnastic frontwhip exercise and land on your back.
  • Don't learn the aerial twist from the wushu butterfly twist. Your a-twist will always look slanted and it will be very hard to learn the aerial double twist.
  • If you want to learn the double twist, make sure you do the single twist without looking down during the twist. A lot of people twist while looking to the mats. That's ok for the single twist, but it makes the double twist a lot harder. If you already got used to looking down, go back to the front whip exercise. BTW, for the single twist you can bend your legs towards the floor after the first half of the jump. When you do a double, you should keep your body extended until you land.