Wushu Spear Smash

Wushu Spear Smash

Learn how to do a wushu spear smash (shuai qiang). The wushu spear smash is a very basic spear technique you will see in almost every wushu "Qiang Shu" form. Stand upright or jump into a wushu flat stance and smash your spear flat onto the floor at the same time. Speed and timing are similar to the longfist smash punch. The wushu spear smash is technically almost the same as the wushu staff smash. The only difference is that now, you have to flip your spear before you smash it down. Find more spear techniques at wushu spear main.


  • Stand on your right leg and hold your wushu spear behind your back. Hold the thin end of your spear with your right hand, so that the thick end points to the floor behind your legs. Look straight forward and raise your left knee a bit over hip level.
  • Swing the spear forward down (over head or over your left shoulder) and start going into a left sided flat stance. Twist 90° on the ball of your right foot. Keep looking straight forward. At the same time change the grip of your left hand, so that no fingers are under the spear. (unless you want to injure your fingers) Push down the spear with the flat palm.
  • Smash the spear flat onto the floor and go into a left flat stance. See flat stance lesson.
  • The right hand pulls the top of the spear slightly up. Actually stop the right hand an inch before you would punch into the floor. The left hand pushes the "middle" of the spear down. (creates the slap) Make sure no fingers are under the spear and keep looking straight forward.


  • The wushu spear smash is a very fast and loud technique.
  • This technique is usually performed with a jump, but I recommend you first learn it from a standing position.
  • There is only one side of this technique. Both, left and right handed athletes should always do this into a left wushu flat stance (left leg straight).