Wushu Front Flip Stomach Crash

Wushu Front Flip Stomach Crash

The front flip landing on the stomach is an advanced wushu ditang skill, where you do a front flip and then fall flat on the stomach. It looks very scary and is often performed by martial arts stuntmen in movies. The trick is that the falls is absorbed with the feet and the forearms. The flatter you land, the cooler it looks. But at the same time it becomes more dangerous. The feet always touch the floor before the hands, even if its only a millisecond earlier. Before you try this skill, your front flip should be very good and you should also learn the flat fall on the stomach. Find more wushu ditang instructions at wushu ditang main. Practice this wushu skill as follows.

Description: Wushu Front Flip Stomach Crash

  • Jump off like if you were doing a gymnastic front flip and tuck in the air. For more info, please visit the normal front flip tutorial. Summary: Run forward and make a fast, flat hop. Extend your arms over head and keep your upper body upright. Look straight forward !!! Not down to your feet !!! Jump off and extend your legs and your arms. Reach up with your hands and then tuck.
  • If you would do a normal front flip, you would open pretty early. But if you want to land on your stomach, you have to keep going. So stay tucked and keep going. The balls of your feet should touch the floor when you are at 45 degrees. Turn your toes slightly out and open your knees, so that you land in a "duck stance". (see illustration above) If your knees would point straight forward, you would knock them on the floor. Lift your hands from the shins and bring your forearms in front of your chest. Keep your abs tight and look forward.
  • Let your feet slip backwards and plant your forearms. Your forearms should point 10 to 30 degrees towards the floor when you put them down. (hands touch first, then forearms, then elbows) If your forearms would point up, you would fall on your elbows and if your forearms would point down too much, you would injure your wrists. The distance between the elbows should be slightly more than one shoulder width. Also be careful with your fingers and keep your abs tight. At the beginning you should use knee and elbow pads. Turn the knee pads a bit, so that they protect the insides of your knees.
  • After absorbing the impact with the arms and the feet, you can put your knees and your hips down and relax.

Trainer advice: Wushu Front Flip Stomach Crash

  • At the beginning I recommend to practice this with socks on a very thick landing mat. (jump from a trampoline) Later you can use thinner mats and jump with shoes. World-class wushu athletes can do the front flip landing on the stomach on concrete.
  • Before you first try the front flip with stomach-landing, you should warm up with normal front flips. If you try this variation right away and rotate too much, you can fall on your chest and / or injure your neck.