Spin Up - Wushu Di Tang

Spin Up - Wushu Di Tang

In this lesson you will learn how to do a wushu spin up (In Chinese: "Wu Long Jiao Zhu"). The spin up is a di tang technique similar to the kip up, where you push yourself up from a lying position with your hands. The main difference to the wushu kip up is that when you do Spin Up, you create momentum with a circular leg movement, which first looks more complex, but actually makes the whole thing easier. For most people the Spin Up is a bit easier than the kip up. Find more ditang techniques at wushu ditang main. Find more wushu techniques at wushu main.

Description: Spin Up - Wushu Di Tang

  • Lie down sideways and extend the right leg. The left leg is bent and the left foot is close to the right knee. The left forearm and the left hand are flat on the floor and the right hand is planted with the fingers pointing towards the left hand. (arm position - triangle shape) Look straight forward over your right leg or to the right foot. This is also the landing position of the "Flying Crossleg Kick"
  • Swing your extended right leg forward up and lean back a little
  • Kick your right foot over your head and follow with the left leg. Lift your hands at the same time and roll over your back. Make sure your hands stay close to the upper body when you move them.
  • This is the tricky part of the Spin Up. In the last phase you started rolling over you back. Now you are rolling from a right support to a left support and kick the legs over-head at the same time. (left support = left shoulder is closer to the floor, right support = right shoulder is closer to the floor) Put you right hand down as close as possible to your right shoulder. To do so, you will have to bend the elbow as much as possible. Be aware that only the inner edge of the palm will touch the floor, until you stop rolling over the back. (thumb points up - fingers point to the shoulder)
  • Plant your left hand very close to the right hand and start pushing. Important: Your feet should be right over your head when you start pushing. As you push yourself up, you will adjust your right hand automatically, so that the entire hands is planted straight and firm. Depending on how fast you kick your legs, you can plant your hands slightly differently or even initiate the push slightly before or after your feet are right over your head.
  • Extend your arms and push yourself up. Bend down your legs and land pretty close to the spot where your hands were planted.

Trainer advice: Spin Up - Wushu Di Tang

  • Extra: Try to land like if you were doing a round-off and lift your arms (This is not part of the technique - just an extra exercise)
  • The Spin Up is often done after the Flying Crossleg Kick.