Mantis Hooks - Traditional Wushu

Mantis Hooks - Traditional Wushu

The praying mantis hook is the arm-hand posture used to imitate the legs of a praying mantis. The arm imitates the mantis leg and the area between the pointer and the forearm imitates the scissor. Don't forget that the arms keep swinging a bit, even when you are doing static stance. Find more wushu praying mantis techniques at praying mantis main.

Description: Mantis Hooks - Traditional Wushu

  • The front hand is a bit over shoulder height, and the back hand is a bit below shoulder height.
  • The forearms point slightly up and the elbows point down. (elbows hang) Don't spread the elbows away from the body.
  • Pointer almost extended. Points down 45 to 70 degrees.
  • Thumb: Extended and on the mid-joint of the pointer
  • Backhand horizontal
  • Roll in the 3 outer fingers, so that the finger tips touch the upper palm. But keep the fingers relaxed.

Trainer advice: Mantis Hooks - Traditional Wushu

  • Don't forget that the arms keep swinging even when you are in static stance. This is because the praying mantis has very long limbs and is always preparings its next attack.