Flying Tongbi Frontkick - Wushu

Flying Tongbi Frontkick - Wushu

In this lesson you will learn how to do a flying tongbi frontkick which can be seen in almost every contemporary wushu tongbi form. The flying tongbi fontkick is a bit easier than the normal flying wushu frontkick, because you land on both legs together. Find more tongbi techniques at tongbi main.

Description: Flying Tongbi Frontkick - Wushu

  • Run forward and jump off from your right leg. Swing your left leg forward up extended and also swing your hands up to chest height. Lean slightly back as you jump off (but not too far)
  • Then bend your left leg and lift your right knee, so that both knees are at waist height.
  • At the same time swing your hands horizontal back. Use your abs to bring your upper body to a vertical position.
  • In mid-air snap out your right leg, the same leg you jumped off from. Ankle and knee extended totally. Foot over hip height. Push back your left foot.
  • After the kick close your legs fast. (extend both knees) Swing your arms forward horizontal.
  • Land on both feet together, sit down so that your thighs are horizontal and clap your hands together.

Trainer advice: Flying Tongbi Frontkick - Wushu

  • The flying tongbi frontkick is very fast and high. Try to kick before mid-air.