Whip Chain - Bottom Hops - Wushu

Whip Chain - Bottom Hops - Wushu

In this lesson you will learn how to do wushu whip chain bottom hops. Bottom hops are when you sit on the floor (balancing on your behind) and jump over the chain without the help of your arms or your legs. This probably sounds difficult, but it isn't and can be learned within about 15 minutes. Bottom hops can also be done with a 3 sectional wushu staff or with the double whip. However, it's recommended to learn the single whip chain variation first. The bottom hop is a typical wushu whip chain skill. It's seldomly seen in 3-sectional staff forms. Find more whip chain instructions at whip chain main.

Description: Whip Chain - Bottom Hops - Wushu

  • Sit on the floor and elevate your feet. Knees bent slightly.
  • Hold the handle of your whip chain with your right hand and swing it from the right side forward. Do a few swings over your head and then move the chain down to the floor.
  • Extend your legs horizontally (push forward your feet) and lean back at the same time.
    This will straighten your body and elevate your hips for a short moment. At the same time the chain passes under your body. That's how the hops work.
  • As soon as your whip chain is on the other side, bring your feet and your head back to its original position and prepare for the next hop. For more info check the trainer advice.

Trainer advice: Whip Chain - Bottom Hops - Wushu

  • Try the bottom hops without whip chain at the beginning.
  • The first 2 hops are the most difficult.
  • The flatter your feet and your upper body are on the floor, the better. The illustration above shows the head and the feet at a pretty high position. This way it's easier to understand how the hops work, but once you can do this, try to get your feet and your back closer to the floor.
  • Try skip as fast as possible and as flat as possible on the floor.