Empty Circle Swing - Whipchain / Wushu

Empty Circle Swing - Whipchain / Wushu

In this lesson you will learn how to do the most basic wushu whipchain technique: The Empty Circle Swing. Many other wushu whipchain techniques start from the empty circle swing so it is the first thing you should learn. Find more wushu whipchain instructions at whipchain main.

Description: Empty Circle Swing - Whipchain / Wushu

  • Stand with your right foot in front and place your left foot about one shoulder width behind the right foot.
  • Hold the handle of your whip in your right hand so that thumb points to your right and the chain hangs down on the right side. (both, left and right handed athletes usually hold the whipchain in their right hand) The right elbow stays at the hip and the hand is a bit elevated.
  • The left arm is extended and the hand is a bit behind hip level. The fingers point straight forward and the palm down.
  • Now start swinging the whipchain backwards up with your right hand. Make sure most of the movement comes from your right hand / wrist. The rest of your body should stay pretty motionless.
  • Swing the whipchain very fast and keep looking straight forward. In most cases whipchain forms start with 6 to 10 very fast empty circle swings followed by more complex techniques.

Trainer advice: Empty Circle Swing - Whipchain / Wushu

  • Only let the whipchain spin vertical. (in one layer)
  • Always keep your whip close to your body.
  • Only the whip moves (and your right hand a little bit)