Our names are Martin and Veronica and we love filmmaking and acting just as much as fitness and martial arts. Every videos is a little adventure and an opportunity to learn something new. The only problem is that all our projects are ZERO-budget and we do this in our free time... and we don't own any pack animals. So if we decide to film on a glacier, we have to carry 300lbs of camera gear up there ourselves. Right now, most of our videos are fitness or martial arts tutorials packed into short films. But we plan to focus a bit more on stories.

How it Started

When I was kid, I was obsessed with movies, video games and martial arts. I turned all my school books into flip book animations with little Bruce Lees and Sub Zeros kicking each others walls and ripping each-others spines out. My teachers did not approve. When I was 17 I dropped out of engineering school to persue my dream of being tortured in China. For 4 years I trained at Song Jiang Wushu School and I loved every minute of it. Later I met Veronica and together we created Flash Mavi which now has over 50 Million combined views on web and youtube. We then transitioned from animation to live action videos and that's how we ended up making these weird little videos.

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Flash Mavi

Don't worry! The animations are still around!
Flash Mavi is an animated character teaching wushu, gymnastics and weight training.