Hi There!

Did you ever feel like doing pushups while watching "300", or learning Kung Fu while watching "Drunken Master"? We try to combine a motivational movie experience into workout videos. You will find 3 types of videos here.

1. Follow Along
2. Action Tutorials
3. Short Films

Our names are Martin and Veronica and we appear in all our videos. But we also plan, shoot, and edit them ourselves. Our wushu, gymnastics and fitness animations are still around, but this here is our newest adventure. Over the last few years we fell in love with film making, and now we pack our exercises into these mini-movies. Every video is a little adventure and an opportunity to learn something new. Our only goal is to enjoy the process. But it would also be nice to be able to do this full-time and to take on bigger projects.

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Flash Mavi

Don't worry! The animations are still around!
Flash Mavi is an animated character that shows wushu, gymnastics and weight training exercises.
Also check out the flash mavi channel on youtube with now over 120k subs and 25 million views.


Let's Create Something

Every project is an opportunity to try something new and interesting. If you are interested in going on a creative journey with us, click here. (producción en español)