Hello There!

You've stumbled upon the digital playground of the zany and zealous, where we concoct pint-sized movie magic and fitness videos so energizing, you'll be able to power a small city with just your enthusiasm.

About Mavi & Vero

We're just a couple of video-making enthusiasts who can't help but get in front of the camera sometimes.

Audiovisual Production

If you are interested in producing something with us, would like to colaberate, or rent our equipment, let us know.

Flash Mavi Animations

Don't worry! The 3D animations are still around. If you are here for the the original version of Flash Mavi, click here.

Flash Mavi Animations

Don't worry! The animations are still around!
Flash Mavi is an animated character teaching wushu, gymnastics and weight training.
Check out the Flash Mavi youtube channel with now over 30M views and 130k subs.

Want to Team Up?

If you're eager to join forces with us and embark on an incredible collaborative adventure, we can't wait to hear from you!