Learn Aikido

Learn Aikido

Aikido is a japanese martial art, founded by "Morihei Ueshiba" between 1920 and 1930. Its principle is to defend against an aggressor by using his own momentum while not injuring him. ai => joining, harmonizing / ki => spirit, life energy / do => way, path. In 1951, France was the first foreign country where aikido was practiced. Before Morihei Ueshiba died in 1969, aikido dojos could be found all over the world. Check the aikido video channel for video instructions.

Aikido Instructions

  • First aikido instructions - coming soon
  • Check the Video Section - currently aikido 40 techniques

Gernael Info

  • The first 2 characters "aiki" of aikido refer to the martial arts principle of blending with your opponents momentum for the purpose of controlling his action with a minimal effort. To do so you have to understand the rhythm and intent of your opponent as soon as possible, to find the best moment to apply your counter technique.
  • Aikido practitioners are called "Aikidoka"
  • The uniform worn in aikido is called "aikidogi" , but most practitioners just use standard judo uniforms. The original aikido uniform consists of a judo-style top with sleeves a bit longer than to the elbows and wide black pants "hakama"
    However, in most clubs those black pants are only worn by black belt aikidokas.
  • Like in most japanese martial arts, aikidokas are ranked with belts.
    Originally there were only white and black belts, but over the time different colored belts were used by different aikido associations. How good an aikidoka has to be for a specific belt color differs from association to association.
  • Traditionally 3 weapons are practiced in aikido.
    (some modern schools also practice how to disarm firearms)
    • Short Staff => "jo"
    • Wooden Sword => "bokken"
    • Knife "tanto"


  • Train on mats.
  • Don't throw anybody without wrestling experience.
  • Understanding aikido techniques can be very useful for judo practitioners.
  • A Chinese martial art style that's very similar to aikido is Tai Ji Tui Shou.