Gymnastics - Back Flip Full Twist


  • Jump off like if you were doing a back flip layout without twist. Don't initiate the rotation too early. At the beginning I recommend you jump from a 1m springboard into water. Then jump from a box into a trampoline (see description below). Don't try the back flip full twist on the floor before you can easily do it on a trampoline. Learn how to do a back flip layout before you try the back flip twist. You should be able to land the layout in a smooth stuck landing before you give the back flip twist a try.
    As you jump off:
    • Keep your abdominals tight.
    • Bounce off without letting your heels touch the floor.
    • Your feet touch the floor slightly behind your COG (center of gravity)
  • Before you initiate the twist, you have to gain enough height. Keep looking straight forward (don't throw your head back) and extend your entire body. Your elbows and your knees have to remain straight and your core area (abdominals) tight. Throw your hands up and reach with your finger tips as high as possible - Just like if you were doing a layout. Don't initiate the twist yet.
  • As soon as you are high enough, pull both hands to your left shoulder. Move your hands in a straight line to your shoulders. At the beginning this is easier if you also turn your head to the left, but later you should lock your upper body and your head and initiate the twist at once.
  • To stop the rotation, open & lift your arms. Keep in mind that your entire body has to remain straight. Extend your knees and your ankles, and, I can't say it often enough, keep your abdominals tight.
  • Try to land in a stuck landing. Stuck landing: Land balanced with your hands up and without the necessity of an extra step. At the beginning you can jump onto a huge pile of mats and land on your stomach or your back.
  • Dampen the landing with your ankles & your knees. Don't relax your back or your abdominals. Arms up as high as possible.


  • 1st Exercise - Jump from a springboard into water
    2nd Exercise - Jump from a trampoline and land on your stomach or your back.
    3rd Exercise - Jump into a gymnastics foam PIT
    4th Exercise - Try the back flip twist on gymnastics mats
    5th Exercise - And finally do the back flip twist on the floor.
  • You can also do the back flip full twist in a tucked position. However, the twist is easier if you fully extend your body.