Gymnastics - Double Back Flip

Double Back Flip - Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn how to do a double back flip in artistic gymnastics. You should be able do all the basic gymnastics flips before you try the double back flip. I recommend you jump from a 1m springboard into water and then try this on a trampoline. Don't try the double back flip without the supervision of an experienced gymnastics coach. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • To learn the double back flip, build up mats and mini-tramp like shown in the illustration.
  • Do a handstand and bounce into the trampoline a couple of times. Make sure you keep you abdominals tight.
  • Then do a back flip onto top of your mats and follow with a back roll.
  • Keep practicing until you can do back flip to back roll without touching the top of the mat pile and then try to do a double back flip.


  • The mini-tramp training method shown here is one of the best ways to learn the double back flip. Also try jumping from a 1m springboard into water.
  • Another training method for the double back flip would be jumping from a tumbling track into a foam pit (with foam rubber cubes).
  • Warm up and stretch sufficient before you work on difficult flips like this one.
  • Only practice the tucked double back flip at the beginning.