Pommel Horse -  Doble-Leg Circle

Double-Leg Circle - Pommel Horse

The double-leg circle is a gymnastics technique performed on the pommel horse and on the floor. At least one hand is always on the horse, the legs are closed and circle around. If you want to learn the thomas flair, you have to learn the double-leg circle first. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Start with both hands on the pommel horse (or training pod) and the legs about one shoulder width apart.
  • Swing your legs clockwise to the left and close them. Keep your entire body straight (abdominals tight) and also extend your knees (if you are having a hard time keeping your body straight, do this handstand exercise.
  • Lift your left hand, so that your entire weight is on your right and let your legs can pass. At the same time, lean slightly to the right. Keep your left hand close to your hips, because once your legs are through you have to put it down again.
  • Then put your left hand back down and start leaning back a little.
  • Let your legs pass in front of you (both hands are on the pommels now). Keep your feet at the same height as your legs circle around.
  • Then swing your legs to the right, lift your right hand and lean slightly to the left.
  • Put you right hand back down as soon as possible.
  • Now you lean forward a little and let you legs pass behind you. The first double-leg circle is complete.


  • The higher your legs go up in front, the lower they will fall behind you. Try to keep your legs at the same height always.
  • If your technique is bad, you will need more strength.
  • Training methods:
    • Using a training pod and a bucket: (gymnastic double-leg circle illustration 4)
      Your bucket is attached to the ceiling (with a rope). The training pod is about 2 ft high and the bucket should almost reach the floor. Put your legs into the bucket and your hands onto the training pod. Start circling your legs and keep your entire body straight. Circle faster and faster, until the bucket flies away. Then try a full rotation without the tub. Don't forget to keep your body straight. If you let your hips hang,
      you will not get very far. And btw, wear long pants and socks.
    • The truck tire tube method. (gymnastic double-leg circle illustration 5)
      Let your legs slide on a blown up truck tire tube. Make sure the valve points down.