Tucked Flashkick - Extreme Martial Arts

Tucked Flashkick

In this lesson you will learn how to do a flashkick. A flashkick is basically a back flip stepout where you land on one leg first. There are two flashkick variations:
a) The tucked (small) flashkick - standing (this instruction)
b) The (big) flashkick layout, where you extend your entire body like if you were doing a gymnastic front flip layout. The flashkick layout is usually done after a round-off or a back handspring. Before you try the standing flashkick you should be able to do a standing gymnastic back flip and the the back handspring stepout. Find detailed gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Jump off both legs at the same time like if you were doing a normal back flip and throw up your arms to vertical level. For detailed instructions on how to do a tucked back flip, visit the gymnastic back flip instruction.
  • Look straight forward until you are high enough and keep your abdominals tight.
  • Then kick your right right leg up and bend your left leg. At the same time whip your arms down. Make sure you don't hollow your back and don't twist to the side.
  • Land on your right leg first and then on your left leg.
  • Lift your arms and look straight forward.


  • Don't try the flashkick if you can't do a normal back flip.
  • A training method for the small flashkick:
    • First do a few gymnastic back handspring stepouts on mats and land on your right leg. Jump from both legs at the same time.
    • Then do a few tucked back flips from a standing position or from a reuther springboard and separate your knees in mid-air. Land on one leg slight before the other. Don't grab your shins anymore, but whip your arms down.
    • Then spread your legs gradually.
  • If your flashkick is very good, you can throw up a soccer ball before you jump and kick it
    in the air. But if you wanna try this be careful! At the beginning you should throw the ball forward and do a flashkick without kicking the ball. You will naturally focus on the ball too much and that's why you can fall on your head when you try this. This is not for beginners.
  • Learn the back flip layout and the flashkick layout.