How do do a Gymnastic Front Flip Layout

Gymnastics - Front Flip Layout

In this tutorial you will learn how to do a front flip layout in artistic gymnastics. The front flip layout is a front flip where you keep your entire body straight and don't tuck. Learn this before you try any front flip twist variations. Before you try the gymnastic front flip layout, you should learn the tucked front flip and the flyspring. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Run forward and bounce off from the balls of your feet, just like if you were doing a normal (tucked) gymnastic front flip. For more info visit the tutorial for the tucked front flip. Summary:
    Lift your arms shortly before you jump off. Bend your elbows a little bit to get a better impulse and then extend your arms as you bounce off. Keep your knees pretty straight and jump from the balls of your feet. Look straight forward (not down to the floor) and jump up vertically. Don't lean forward or down as you jump off.
  • Jump off and extend your legs and your arms. Kick up your heels without bending the knees and hollow your back slightly (but not too much - kinda keep your abdominals tight). At the same time open your arms and spread them to the sides like if your arms were wings (thumbs point forward). You could create more momentum if you would whip your hands towards your thighs, but this is not necessary for a front flip layout on the floor. You will create enough momentum and more height if you extend your arms sideways. Look forward as long as possible and keep your knees and your elbows fully extended.
  • Let your legs go, keep your knees fully extended and your back slightly hollowed. Remember that in the last phase of the front flip layout you open your arms like wings. What's important about this is that the thumbs point forward. Now turn the hands down and back so that the thumbs point towards your feet or up. This will help turn your arms and your shoulders in order to initiate the flip. Imagine your arms were the wings of an aircraft and your hands the flaps.
  • Before you land on the balls of your feet, bring your body back in line, so that you don't land with your back hollowed. Try to land with your head and your feet in a vertical line and lift your arms like if your were preparing for a handstand (see gymnastic handstand instruction). If you cannot land with your head and your feet aligned vertically or with your feet slightly behind head level, you shouldn't start working on twist variations.


  • Do a couple of flysprings before your first front flip layout attempts.
  • Practice the front layout on a trampoline first. An exercise for beginners: Build up a high pile of landing mats behind your trampoline. Do a front flip layout and land flat on your back.
  • Learn the front flip layout before you start working on front flips with twists.