Support Position - Parallel Bars

Support Position - Parallel Bars - Gymnastics

In this gymnastics lesson you will learn how to do a support position on the parallel bars. The support position is the first thing you practice on this gymnastics apparatus. After that, you should practice walking back and forth on your hands so that you get used to the apparatus. Once you feel comfortable on the parallel bars, start working on your swings. Find more instructions for the parallel bars at gymnastics main.


  • Fully extend your arms and don't shrug your shoulders up. Push them down.
  • Keep your abs tight and don't hollow your back.
  • Your knees, your elbows and your ankles are fully extended.
  • Don't look up and also don't bend your head down too much. Your entire body should be aligned 90° to the floor.


  • Before you go go into a support position, make sure the distance of the bars is adjusted to slightly more than one shoulder width = the length of your forearm plus your open hand (elbow to finger tips).
  • Don't adjust the bars too high when you try your first skills.
  • Always work out with an experienced gymnastics coach.