Tiger / Cat Vault - Gymnastics

Tiger or Cat Vault - Gymnastics

In this gymnastics lesson you will learn how to do a tiger vault. This is the first time your feet will not touch the vaulting table. However, you still don't kick your legs up over-head. The purpose of this exercise is getting used to the pressure on the hands and moving the entire body over the table without letting your legs touch. BTW, this is also a free running technique "Cat Vault". Find more instructions for the gymnastic vault at gymnastics main.


  • Run towards the gymnastic vaulting table and strike out your arms from behind the back.
  • After the last step, jump flat onto the springboard and close your legs. Swing your arms forward up and keep your upper body firm.
  • Bounce off from both feet together and extend your legs and your elbows. Swing up your arms like in the first vaulting exercise (see gymnastics main) and keep your upper body tight. Jump forward up towards the horizontal area of the gymnastic vaulting table.
  • Then put your hands on the horizontal part of the tongue (fingers point straight forward). Keep your elbows extended and bend your knees, because your legs have to pass under your chest without touching the vaulting table.
  • As soon as your hands touch the table, kick your knees forward under your chest and again, don't let your feet touch the tongue of the table. Keep your elbows fully extended and push your shoulders down. Also push with your hands.
  • After your legs are through, extend your body vertically and lift your arms. Look straight forward.
  • Land in a stuck landing. A stuck landing is when you land on both legs at the same time without the need of an extra step. Look straight forward and extend your arms over-head. It's ok if you bend your knees a little as you land, but don't sit down.


  • Even though this exercise is just a preparation for more advanced vaults, it is often seen in kids gymnastics competitions.
  • In parkour and free running, this gymnastic vaulting exercise is know as cat jump.