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Karate (empty hand way) or (art of the empty hand) originated in Ryukyupitu Japan and is one of the most popular martial arts. Practitioners start learning karate forms (katas) and later learn partner exercises, combat skills and iron palm (brick breaking) Japanese martial arts are famous for its belt ranking systems. White belts are usually beginners, while black belts are advanced. Below the first black belt the degrees are called "KYU's" (first kyu, second kyu etc.) Even after you have reached the first black belt, the ranking system keeps going. The first black belt in karate is called 1st DAN. Find video instructions in the karate video channel.

Techniques & Lessons: Karate

Trainer advice: Karate

  • Endurance and stretching training are very important for karate.
  • Start with the basic katas (karate forms).
  • The smaller your class, the better the training.
  • Don't care too much about belts. In some schools a green belt can be better than a brown belt of another school.