Pictures from a Chinese Wushu Institute

I took these pictures when I was training at the Song Jiang wushu Institute between 1999 and 2003. The school improved a lot since back than and you can find up-to-date information and photos in the "Wushu Training in China" section. Check out the wushu main page if you are interested in learning wushu.

Pictures: Song Jiang Wushu Institute 2000

Back Flip Training in Sand Chinese Restaurant for Dog Meat Chinese Fruit Market Song Jiang Hotel Kitchen Yun Chent Post Office
Weight Training in China Dining Room Song Jiang Entrance to Yun Cheng Market Average Chinese Bathroom Chinese Hair Cutter
Bathroom in Chinese Wushu Hotel Grain Wheat China Shandong Foot Tickets Wushu School The German Style House in Yun Cheng The Yount Gouwa Team
Hotel Room 200 SJ Wushu School Hygiene Wushu School China Inside Song Jiang Wushu School 2000 Chinese Wushu Kid eating Bread Headspring Training at Song Jiang Wushu School
Kids Training on Wushu Fields Sweets China Market Shandong Class Mate Sanda Market in Shandong China Headmaster Wu Wushu School
Chinese Open Air Training Weights Busy Chinese Market Yun Cheng Restaurant China Shandong Sheeps on the Street Chinese Food Song Jiang the Statue
Song Jiang Wushu Institute Song Jiang Wushu School Leaders Fanqinbin Street in China Street in Yun Cheng Chinese Market
Yun CHeng City Shondong Streets China Trash next to Wushu School 200 The Typical Chinee Vehicle Chinese Vitamins and Sports Supplements
Chinese Knifes on Market Weight Lifting Martial Arts School Weight Training in China Acro Wushu Jumps Wushu Acrobatics Team
Acrobatic Wushu Workout Wushu Artist doing Back Flip Wushu Back Handspring Training Wushu Class Training Eating at Wushu School
Wushu Fighter Statue Food at Wushu School The Leaders of the Wushu School Wushu Meeting Area Entrance of Song Jiang Wushu School
Song Jiang Wushu School Statues in Song Jiang Wushu School Wushu Student's Dorms Wushu Training Area Wushu and Weight Training
Yun Cheng - The Market Yun Cheng City - Shan Dong China