Muay Thai Shin Block

Muay Thai Shin Block

The Muay Thai Shin Block is designed to block roundhouse kicks to the hips, the upper body and the neck. Muay thai roundhouse kicks are very powerful, and that's why you need a strong block against them. The reason why you block medium high kicks with the shin is that you want to keep your hands up. Elbow strikes are very dangerous and extremely fast. They often come in combinations with roundhouse kicks and you don't want to lower your guard. At the beginning you should practice your muay thai shin blocks in front of a mirror. Don't even think about signing up for a fight if your shin blocks are not perfect. Find more muay thai instructions at the muay thai main page. Don't forget to check out the muay thai videos at the bottom of this instruction.


  • Start from your fighting stance and keep your shin down.
  • Practice the shin block with your front leg first. Most kicks are blocked with the front leg, because front leg shin blocks are faster. Lift your front knee and keep your head still and your chin down. Keep both hands on your head. Don't jump.
  • Lift your knee until the inside of your front elbow touches the outside of your knee. The elbow should actually touch the knee! If you leave a gap, your opponent's shin will go right into this gap. The reason why the arm should be ON the outside of the knee is that the leg is stronger than the arm, and with the hand on your head, and the elbow on the knee, the forearm and the shin can perfectly block the entire side of your body. Turn the foot of the blocking leg outwards, so that you block with the hard side your shin. The toes point down.
  • Make sure you keep the other hand up. Actually push the other hand a little forward. You always have to be prepared for combinations. Also use the other hand to keep distance. You don't want your opponent to come in and elbow you in the face at the same time.
  • Then practice the muay thai shin block with the back leg.


  • At the beginning of a fight, muay thai fighters often keep more weight on the back leg in order to block everything with the front leg. You can't block fast if you have too much weight on your blocking leg.
  • Practice the blocks in combinations with knee strikes, roundhouse kicks, elbow strikes etc.