Muay Thai Jab

Muay Thai Jab

Learn how to do a Muay Thai Jab. A jab is a straight punch with the lead hand. In muay thai, jabs are usually thrown to keep the opponent at the right distance. The animation above shows a jab without footwork. If you want want to put more power into your jabs, step forward, put more weight on your front leg and turn your hips more with the punch. You can also throw a jab while moving backwards or to block off your opponent when he tries to break into your defense. Find more muay thai instructions at the muay thai main page. For muay thai video instructions, click here.


  • Start from your muay thai fighting stance with both hands up and your chin down.
  • Extend your lead hand and twist your fist at the end of the punch, so that your palm faces the ground on impact. Make sure your fist is closed but not cramped and punch with the knuckles. You should impact with your elbow 90% extended.
  • Twist your hips and extend your shoulder with the punch. But make sure you don't cramp your shoulder. Your punching arm and the shoulder should also protect your side while you punch.
  • Twist a little on the ball of the front-foot and move your knee a little (see animation). If you want to put more power into your jab, shift more weight to your lead leg.
  • Make sure the other hand stays up and exhale as you punch. Never lower your guard.
  • Then pull your fist back the same way and go back to your fighting stance.


  • In muay thai, you shouldn't move your hips or twist on your front foot too much. In western boxing, hip and leg movement are much more important.
  • Practice the muay thai jab in front of a mirror at the beginning. Practice the jab walking forward, then walking backward and then on a heavy bag or with a sparring partner.
  • Wrap your fists and punch with boxing gloves when you train on a heavy bag.
  • Combine your jabs with footwork.
  • Consider taking boxing classes.