Parkour and Free Running Skills

Parkour & Free Running

I know, I shouldn't combine these 2 sections, but parkour and free running are experimental on Flash Mavi. I might split them later. The difference between parkour and free running is that a parkour "runner" passes all the obstacles in his way as quick and simple as possible, while a free runner cares about aesthetics and does the same thing with acrobatic tricks. Parkour was first, and when acrobatics came into play, free running was born. Old school parkour runners don't like free running, because to them, it doesn't make sense to do a flip, when it makes things slower. Find more parkour and free running tricks at parkour main.


  • Always warm up and stretch out before practice.
  • Use knee pads and get a pair of good shoes. Running shoes with thick soles are quite good for free running and parkour.
  • If possible, practice new tricks in a gymnastics gym or at least with mats, foam pieces or in sand.
  • Do "same" strength training, stretching and endurance training. Body weight exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups, etc. are very important.
  • Parkour / free - running is probably the worst sport for the knees. Please be careful !!! Try jumps into water and mats before you try them on concrete.
  • A good parkour o free runner interacts with his environment. It's all about improvisation.