Tic Tac - Parkour

This is a Flashmavi instruction on how to learn the tic tac. A tic tac is when you run towards a wall, jump towards it and then kick off to another wall or on/over something. Use the arrows in the controll field to see detailed instructions. Find more parkour and free running tricks at parkour main.

Description: Tic Tac - Parkour

  • The illustration above is for a tic tac where you bounce off from a wall on your right side. Of course you can also do the whole thing the other way around.
  • Jump from your left leg, with your right foot towards the wall.
  • Bounce off from the right leg and throw up your arms at the same time.
  • A tic tac is often followed by a cat leap - climb up

Trainer advice: Tic Tac - Parkour

  • It is easier to learn the tictac from a wall with less the 90 degrees.
  • Don't try to combine the tic tac with a cat leap right away. Practice those two techniques seperately.