How to Stretch the Chest

How to stretch the Chest

Apply this chest stretch when you warm up for gymnastics or between chest and shoulder exercises with weights. Eg: Bench Press, Push-Ups, etc. Find more stretching instructions at stretching main.


  • This is how you stretch the right side of your chest. To stretch the left side, simply do the whole thing the other way around.
  • Stand upright and put your right hand on a wall or grab something a bit over shoulder height. The back of your hands should point away from the wall and your elbow has to be fully extended.
  • To stretch your chest, turn your upper body away from the wall. Make sure you keep your arm straight and don't move too fast.


  • If you turn your hand around, biceps is stretched instead of the chest.
  • This chest stretch is not designed for ballistic stretches, isometric and PNF stretches.