Cross-Leg Hamstring & Knee Stretch


  • Stand upright, with both knees fully extended and put your right foot over your left foot (so that you legs are crossed).
  • To stretch your hamstring and the knee area, bend forward down without rounding your back. Keep your upper body straight or slightly hollowed. Only the hamstrings of your front leg should be stretched, not the back muscles.
  • You can either place your hands on your leg to keep the knee extended, or reach for the floor.


  • If you want to stretch dynamically, move slowly and concentrated. Whenever the knee area is stretched, be careful with dynamic stretching techniques. Exhale when you move down and inhale when you move up.
  • Don't do this stretch if your knees or your hips hurt.
  • Don't use knee bandages when you do cross-leg hamstring stretches.
  • This is a typical runners stretch.
  • I am referring to "Knee Stretches" when the tendons around the knee area are stretched.