Double-Leg Stretch - Seated

Double-Leg Stretch - Seated

Learn how to stretch your hamstrings and the knee area with the seated double-leg stretch. The illustration above shows a static active double-leg hamstring stretch. For other variations, read the advice below. Find more stretching instructions at stretching main.


  • Sit on the floor and extend both legs on front of you. Put a little pillow or a mat under your calves and keep your knees straight.
  • Lean forward and grasp your feet. Move your head towards your toes and not towards your knees -> Look at your toes and not at your knees. Straighten or even hollow your back a little. When you do the seated double -leg hamstring stretch, it doesn't really matter if you round your back a little. If you round your back it is usually harder to breathe.


  • Warm up your hamstrings and your knees before you do this stretch.
  • The stretch comes from the angle between your back and your thighs. The smaller the hip angle, the more intensive the stretch.
  • Most people prefer the standing double-leg stretch. However, the seated double-leg stretch is better for the back and the knees.
  • This kind of flexibility is required for the wushu front stretchkick.
  • Variations of this stretch:
    • Static Passive Stretch: Sit and stretch your legs without moving or pulling.
    • Static Active Stretch: Pull yourself towards your feet (shown here).
    • Dynamic Stretch: Move back and forth slowly.
    • Ballistic Stretch: Bounce back and forth. Work with the elasticity of the leg muscles.
    • Isometric Stretch: Pull yourself towards your feet and try to extend you ankles at the same time. Contract your hamstrings and our quadriceps and press your calves down. To make sure your knees are extended, you can put a pillow or a book under your calves or your heels.