Standing Double-Leg Stretch

Standing Double-Leg Stretch

Learn how to stretch your hamstrings and your knees with the standing double-leg stretch. There is also a seated variation of this stretch, which is better for the knees and the back, but most people prefer the standing double-leg stretch. Learn more about stretching and find exercises at stretching main.


  • Stand upright and fully extend your knees. Close your legs, then hollow your back and bend forward down towards the floor. Reach for your feet or put your hands on your thighs without rounding your back. The standing double-leg hamstring stretch is not about bringing your hands close to the floor or the head close to your legs. It looks nice if your head touches your shins, but the stretch should come from the angle between between your lower back and your thighs. So hollow (not round) your back and raise your head a little. If you hollow your back a lot and keep the angle between your back and your thighs small, you stretch your hamstrings more than when you round your back and touch the floor with your hands.
  • Breathe slowly and concentrated.
  • The double-leg hamstring stretch can be applied statically or dynamically.
    • Static Passive Stretch: Just move down and hold
    • Static Active Stretch: Move Down and grasp your legs or use your back muscles to push yourself down even further.
    • Dynamic Stretch: Move up and down slowly. Move with the speed of your breathing.
    • Dynamic Ballistic: Bouncy movement. Not recommended! Bad for the kneed.
    • Isometric Stretch: Grasp your heels, pull and contract your leg muscles. Not recommended for this stretch. Can be bad for the knees.


  • Warm up your knees and your hamstrings before you do the double-leg stretch.
  • A little trick: Don't fully extend your arms when you lower your hands. This way it's easier to remember that this is not about touching the floor. If you round your back, you will automatically mess up the whole exercise and breathing will become more difficult also.