Front Split Workout Plan

Front Split Workout Plan

This stretching workout plan will help you achieve your front splits. Make sure you warm up muscles and joints before you start stretching. Find more stretching instructions at stretching main.



  • First of all, check out the front split instruction to learn how to do a proper front split.
  • Do following exercises before your gymnastics or martial arts training as a part of the warm up. This should take you between 20 and 25 minutes.
  • 3 times a week, finish this routine with 3 front split attempts. The second front split attempt is a PNF stretch.
  • Once a week, warm up 15 to 20 minutes and then stretch a full hour. Do every exercise at least twice as often. Try to hold some of the stretches up to 60 seconds. Also do dynamic stretches or kicks in this special workout. This day is also to test out your max flexibility. If you feel you are less flexible than the week before, you probably over-trained => Lower your training volume and stretch less intensive during the week.


  • Before you start with this front split workout plan, check out the front split tutorial and figure out your weaknesses. In most cases the problem is rectus femoris flexibility and not the hamstring of the front leg. Keep your upper body vertical as you lower yourself to the front splits.
  • At the end of this routine you can also add a front split forward bend or a front split back bend. The forward bend makes the hamstring stretch more intensive, and the back bend increases the intensity of the rectus femoris and quadriceps stretch.
  • Take a hot shower or bath after intensive workouts.
  • Stretch in a warm environment.
  • Keep your muscles warm. Run between exercises, do squats and other leg exercises.
  • After the warm up run, you can also train your hip muscles with ankle weights or rubber bands.
  • If you feel very sore the day after your stretching workouts, stretch 5 minutes in the morning. In the morning you should not stretch further than to 70 percent of your max flexibility. Only apply static stretches.