Front Splits in 3 Months

I am convinced that Everybody can learn how to do the front splits within 3 months, no matter how flexible you start off. The reasons why most people just don't get flexible, are that they don't know how to stretch, they don't have the right routine or the over-stretch, get injured and then give up. When I first went to China, I lost a lot of flexibility due to strength training and permanent soreness, so I couldn't do the splits for a few months. But I did my homework and made up a new routine I've been using and teaching since 1999. Even when I started weight training again I kept getting more flexible, and now I'm 210 lbs, only stretch 3 times a week, but can still elevate the front leg about 15 inches when I do a front splits. So I hope this routine will help you! The trick BTW is PNF => The isometric front split part is very important. This routine is very intensive and you should not do this more than 3 times per week. If you are sore too long after this workout, add another rest-day. Form more information on the individual stretches, go back to stretching main.


  • Go for a 10 minute run and pause this video in the meantime. Your front-split routine will start in 10 seconds.
  • Left Quad - 20 Seconds - Grab your ankle close to the shin and keep your knees together.
  • Right Calf Muscle - 20 Seconds - Fully extend your right leg and keep your heel down.
  • Dog Pose: Calves and Hamstrings - 20 Seconds - Keep both heels on the ground and extend your knees.
  • Triangle Hamstring Stretch - 30 Seconds - Both knees are fully extended. Don't round your back.
  • Crouched Wushu Hamstring Stretch - 30 Seconds - Extend your right leg and pull up the ball of your foot.
  • Groin Stretch - 20 Seconds - Extend your back leg and and lean back. Don't twist to the side. It's also ok to flex the ankle of the back leg.
  • First Front Split Attempt - 30 Seconds - Go down as far as you can and make sure you keep your hips straight and your upper body upright. You can support yourself between chairs or put your hands down.
  • Isometric Front Split - 15 Seconds - Same Position: Flex and Stretch at the same time! Contract your leg muscles and / or try to hold this position without supporting yourself.
  • Second Front Split Attempt - 20 Seconds - Since your muscles were contracted and stretched at the same time in the last phase, now you can stretch even farther if you relax again.
  • Front Split Forward Bend - 20 Seconds - Lean forward as far as you can.
  • Front Split Back Bend - 20 Seconds - Lean back as far as you can.
  • Third and Last Front Split Attempt - 30 Seconds - If you can already do the splits, you can now elevate the front leg.


  • If you are into Wushu, flex the ankle of your front leg when you do the splits. If you are into gymnastics or dancing, extend the ankle.
  • Kids should not go too hard on the isometric stretch, as it can be bad for the joints.


  • Rest 2 minutes and then do the same routine the other way around. Stretch each side once. Do this up to 3 times per week.
    Also stretch on the other days, but not
    that intensive.
  • Stretching will not make you slower, but faster. As soon as you start lifting your leg, your hamstrings are stretched, so you will need more strength to work against that lack of flexibility and consequently you will not be able to lift your leg that fast and that hight. If you are flexible, nothing can stop you. It doesn't matter if you only want to kick hip-height, as soon as you lift your leg, your muscles start stretching. The reasons why "sometimes" flexible people are slower or don't have a lot of power are:
    • Obviously you shouldn't measure your strength after an intensive stretching session. That would be like running a marathon a few minutes after training your legs with heave squats for an hour.
    • You also have to develop your muscles. In order to move fast, you also need speed and reactive strength. Who cares if you have the most efficient car, if you take the motor out, it will not move.
    • Or because they actually got flexible by weakening their muscles and making them thinner, because it's easier that way.
    • And most importantly, because they often don't practice the techniques they are supposed to practice. I mean if you have never tried a 360° jump with a split in the middle, but you have all the flexibility and strength you would need, you can simply NOT do it, because you also need the coordination/skill for that technique.
  • BTW, something I have to clear up about ballistic stretching. Ballistic stretching does NOT mean that you use your lack of flexibility to pull your leg back faster. Ballistic stretching is a type if dynamic stretching, something you use to get more flexible, something you need for martial arts because your muscles have to get used to going to their limits. Thinking that you don't have to stretch because you are already fast and you muscle will go to back to"ballistic mode" is just wrong, because if you are into martial arts and want to kick hard, you don't want your lack of flexibility to slow you down in the positive part of the kick. So instead of being weak AND not flexible, stretch and also work on your strength AND your technique. Of course I have to admit that perfect technique and strength can compensate bad flexibility. You only have so much time, and you don't have to be able to do the splits to be a good fighter.