Half Side Split Stretch

Half Side Split Stretch

The half side split is a stretch for the insides of the thighs (groin area) and the hips. Use this stretch to warm up for the side splits and the scissor splits. Find more stretching instructions and training methods at stretching main.


  • Stand with your feet about 3 shoulder widths apart go down on one leg. The other remains fully extended.
  • Touch the floor with both hands and gently press the inside of the thigh of your bent leg away with your elbow. Keep your back straight and don't bend the other leg.
  • The ankle of the extended leg can either be bent or flexed. Gymnasts usually extend the ankle while wushu athletes flex the ankle.
  • When you do a half side split, you try to move down until your hip touches the floor. It's actually a "half" side and "half" scissor split.


  • Use the half side split stretch to warm up for the side splits the scissor splits and the wushu flat stance.
  • Hold the half side split stretch for about 30 seconds. Stretch each side 2 to 3 times and then move on to the side split or the scissor split.
  • The half side split is not designed for ballistic stretching and few people apply PNF or isometric stretches.