Quadriceps Stretch - Standing on one Leg

Quadriceps Stretch - Standing on one Leg

Learn how to stretch your quadriceps standing on one leg and bending back the other one. This is quite simple. Just make sure you don't pull too hard and don't twist your hips, because you could injure your knees and your ankles. Find more stretching advice and exercises at stretching main.


  • Stand upright and bend back one leg. Keep your hips parallel and don't round your back. Actually arch back a little bit.
  • Then grasp your ankle and pull your heel towards your buttocks. Keep your knees next to each other and your thighs parallel. You can either hold the ankle with both hands or with one hand. Some people believe that you should not use both hands, because you would automatically pull too hard and injure your knee and your ankle. Of course you can use both hands, but you should not squeeze your knees. The real reason why most people only use only one hand is that they want to use the other hand to hold onto something.


  • There is one thing you should NOT do:
    Don't relax your ankle and don't let your toes point up. Flex your ankle so that your toes point down to the floor and grasp your foot at the ankle (close to the shin). Don't grasp your foot at the toes!
  • Warm up before you apply the standing quadriceps stretch.
  • Only apply this quadriceps stretch statically -> Static Stretching .This stretch is not designed for isometric stretching, dynamic stretching and PNF