Shoulder Stretch behind the Back

Shoulder Stretch behind the Back

How to stretch your shoulders with your hands crossed behind the back. Use this shoulder stretch to warm up for gymnastics or between sets when you train your chest or or shoulder muscles. Find more stretches at stretching main.


  • Stand upright and cross your hands behind your buttocks.
  • Fully extend your arms and look straight forward.
  • Raise your arms slowly and slightly hollow your back. Don't look down. Don't bend your elbows. Push your chest forward a little.
  • Hold the highest position for about 30 seconds and then lower your arms again.
  • Breathe slowly and concentrated.
  • This stretch stretches the shoulders muscles, the chest and the biceps.


  • Don't let a training partner pull your arms up. You might get injured.
  • You can also put your forearms on a wall and then squat down to increase the intensity of this should stretch.
  • Also stretch your shoulders with the hands on a wall (see suggestions).