Side Split in 3 Months

For me, the side split was always a bit harder than the front splits, but this 8-minute-routine did the trick. Make sure you always warm-up before you practice the side split and don't do isometric stretches more than 3 times a week. In my experience, isometric stretches can injure your knees and hips if you do them too often. I also don't recommend isometric stretches for children under 13. It's just too much for young growing joints and cartilage. You CAN stretch you side split every day! But please don't do the isometric stretches every day. BTW, this combination of static and isometric stretches is called PNF Stretching. Find more stretching instructions and routines the stretching main page.


  • I recommend you do our front split routine first, but if you want to get straight to the side split, you can warm up with a 10 minute-run and a few random static stretches.
  • Pause this video until you are ready to go. Your side split routine will start in 10 seconds.
  • Circular Hip Rotations - 20 Seconds
  • Side Knee Lifts - 20 Seconds
  • Wide Squats - 20 Seconds. Extend your arms in front of your chest and make sure your feet point to the sides. Go down as low as you can and also push your knees to the sides.
  • Alternating Flat Stance - 20 Seconds. Hold each side for about a second and push your bent knee out with your elbow. Slowly exhale as the stretch increases.
  • Left Flat Stance - 20 Seconds. Push your hips down and open your knees.
  • Right Flat Stance - 20 Seconds
  • Straddle Split Warm Up - 20 Seconds. Spread your legs more than 90°. Sit straight and keep your head high.
  • Elbows Down - 30 Seconds. Bend forward as far as you can and try to put your elbows or your hands on the ground. Try not to round your back and breathe slowly.
  • Straddle Side Bend - 20 Seconds. Try to grab your left foot or just lean to the side. Fully extend your knees and breathe slowly.
  • Straddle Side Bend 2 - 20 Seconds. Now bend to the right.
  • Straddle Forward Bend - 30 Seconds. Reach forward as far as you can and bring your chest and your stomach as close as possible to the ground. Don't forget to breath deep and slowly.
  • Isometric Straddle Split - 15 Seconds. This is one of the most important stretches! Grab your feet and flex your calves, your thighs and your glutes. Flex EVERYTHING! Learn more about isometric stretching at
  • Frog Split - 30 Seconds. Relax your leg muscles, lean forward again and bring your chest and your stomach as close as possible to the ground. Spread your legs even more or pull yourself forward with your hands. If this is too hard, just put your hands or your elbows and the ground and bend forward as far you can. But make sure you keep your back straight. Rounding the back too much makes it hard to breathe.
  • Straddle with the Hands Up - 20 Seconds. Get back up and raise your arms. Push your finger tips up as high as you can.
  • Side Split Attempt 1 - 30 Seconds
    Roll forward and try the side split. Extent both legs and keep your hip straight. No twisting and no bending! You can support yourself with your hands.
  • Isometric Side Split - 15 Seconds. Contract your leg muscles and make as little pressure as possible with your hands. If possible, even try to hold this position with your legs only. But be careful, don't twist and don't bend. Both knees are fully extended.
  • Side Split Attempt 2 - 30 Seconds. Put your hands down and go back to a normal static side split. After the isometric stretch you should always be able to go a little lower. But DON'T bounce!!!
  • Straddle Split Slides - 30 Seconds. Go back to the straddle split and slide yourself forward and to the side. This will open your straddle split one more time. You can slide just a few times or keep doing this for 30 seconds.
  • Shake your legs and close them slowly. If you hips are broken now, call your mom or 911. Follow our instructions at your own risk!


  • Stretch your left and right front splits before you practice the side split.
  • You should be able to increase your side split flexibility by 1 - 2cm per week.
  • Do this routine 3 times a week and make sure you warm up sufficiently.
  • Stretching will NOT make you slower! In fact, increased flexibility can only make you faster. If you are not very flexible, your LACK of flexibility will work against your movement as soon as you start lifting your leg. YES, your short, unflexible muscles block your movement as soon as you start moving and not just towards the end of the movement where it starts hurting. What makes you slow is a lack coordination and fast twitch muscle fibers. So if you wantto be fast, you need perfect technique, fast twitch muscle fiber and flexibility.