Stretching Routine

A simple stretching routine for wushu and gymnastics. Make sure you always warm-up before you stretch. Apply static, dynamic and isometric stretches. Find detailed stretching instructions and advice at stretching main.


  • Calf Stretch 1
    Fully extend the knee of the stretched leg. The heel of the stretched leg should touch the ground, which is better for the ankle and the knee.
  • Calf Stretch 2
    Like a wushu bow stance with parallel feet. The knee of the stretched leg should be fully extended. The heel of the stretched leg should touch the floor. The hip should be parallel to the wall. This stretch is often applied by runners.
  • Hip Stretch
    Like a wushu bow stance with parallel feet. Straighten your back leg and lean back a little. Stand on the ball of the foot of the back leg. The knee should not touch the floor. This is the most important stretch for the front splits. Most people who can't perform the front splits lack in hip flexibility and not hamstring flexibility.
  • Quadriceps Stretch
    Stand on one leg and pull up the ankle of your other leg behind your buttocks. Push your hips forward a little.
  • Double-Leg Hamstring Stretch
    Stand with your legs closed and fully extend your knees. Then bend forward down and reach with your hands for the floor. Keep your back straight and exhale slowly as you move down. Don't bounce!
  • Front Splits
    Make sure you don't open your hips sideways and stretch your hips and our hamstrings before you try the splits.
  • Shoulder Stretch
    Put your hands on a wall, fully extend your arms and pull your shoulder sown and towards the wall. Hold this stretch ~30 seconds.
  • Back Bridge.
    Lie down on your back, put your hands next to your ears and push yourself up. The bridge actually stretches your shoulders and your abdominals. Try to extend your elbows and your knees. Stretch your shoulders and hollow your back. Hold the bridge for 20 to 40 seconds.


  • You can do this routine before every wushu or gymnastics workout.
  • Learn about PNF-stretching