Crouched Wushu Stretch

Crouched Wushu Stretch

In this lesson you will learn how to do the crouched wushu stretch. This is one of the most popular wushu stretches and its purpose is to gain flexibility for the " title="Straight Wushu Stretchkick">straight wushu stretchkick. It stretches the hamstring and the tendons in the knee area. Flexibility in the knee area is important for kicks where you kick your toes towards your forehead (that's typical for wushu). Doing this stretch with the ankle relaxed or extended is inappropriate for wushu. Learn more about wushu at wushu main and find more stretching advice at stretching main.


  • Crouch down on one leg and fully extend the other leg. The heel of the standing foot has to remain on the floor. Your thighs should be parallel and the knees should be next to each other. Don't turn the knee if your standing leg away.
  • Hollow your back - Don't round!
  • Then flex the ankle of the straightened leg and grasp the ball of the foot with both hands.
    • If you can't reach your foot, just make sure you keep your back straight and bend down as far as you can.
    • Or put your palm on your chin and move your elbow down towards the knee of the extended leg.
  • Pull your toes up and keep the leg fully extended. Try to look at the sole of the shoe. Don't move your head towards the knee of the extended leg. In the first place you should move forward, then down. It's just like when you are doing a straight wushu stretchkick. Kicking the the knee to the head is wrong. Get used to bringing your TOES to your FOREHEAD or even to your CHIN.


  • Breathe slowly and concentrated.
  • Keep your knees together.
  • Never round your back.
  • Don't bring your head to the knee! Try to see bottom of your foot.
  • Learn about isometric and dynamic stretching.