Tae Kwon Do Front Kick

Tae Kwon Do Front Kick

In this lesson you will learn how to do a front kick (alp chagi) in tae kwon do. The alp chagi is a straight front kick where you hit the opponent with the ball of your foot. Find more tae kwon do kicks at tae kwon do main.

Description: Front Kick

  • Lift the knee of your kicking leg. If you kick with the back leg, the alp chagi will be stronger and if you kick with the front leg, the kick will be faster.
  • Kick and push forward the hip at the same time, to make your alp chagi more powerful.
    (Timing: You have to push forward the hip at the right moment - That's the most difficult part of the tae kwon do front kick)
  • Bring back your foot as fast as possible. The opponent should not be able to catch your leg.
  • Bring the kicking leg back to the floor.

Advice: Front Kick

  • At the beginning you should practice the Alp Chagi in 3 Phases.
    1st Lift knee
    2nd Kick and push forward knee
    3rd Bring back foot (see phase 1)
  • Don't hit with your heels or your toes.