Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

In this lesson you will learn how to do an isometric external shoulder rotation. You can do this exercise on a wall or a door frame. This exercise works to rotator muscles of your shoulders. Learn more about isometric strength training. Find more isometric exercises at track & field main.

Description: Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

  • Stand with your feet at shoulder width and bend your knees slightly. (feet parallel) Right foot is very close to the wall.
  • Left arm: Hangs down relaxed or the hand rests on hip.
  • Keep you upper body straight and contract your abs slightly. Don't hollow your back.
  • Keep your right elbow as close as possible to the waist. The right upper arm is aligned vertically. The arm is bent 90° and the hand is closed to a fist. Backhand faces wall, thumb points up.
  • Press the back of your fist against the wall and don't move your upper arm or any other part of your body. => Isometric external rotation of the shoulder. Push 5 to 30 seconds, relax your shoulders and then do the same exercise for the other shoulders.

Trainer advice: Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

  • Do 2 or 3 sets per shoulder and workout. The longer you push, the less intensity you should apply. Rehabilitation programs usually require longer and less intensive contractions.
  • The isometric external shoulder rotation is also good for elder people with shoulder problems. If you are doing this exercise as part of a rehabilitation program, don't push too hard and please consult your physiotherapist before you do this.
  • Warm up your shoulders before you get started.
  • Strecht between sets.
  • Instead of isometric external shoulder rotations on a door frame, you can also do external
    shoulder rotations with a cable pulley or a rubber band.

Videos: Isometric External Shoulder Rotation

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