Lateral Box Push-Offs

Lateral Box Push-Offs

In this lesson you will learn how to do lateral box push-offs. The lateral box push-off is a plyometric exercises that can increase your vertical leap from one leg. This exercise is often applied by long & high jumpers, hurdle runners and martial artists who practice acrobatic jumps from one leg. Find more plyometric exercises at track & field main.

Description: Lateral Box Push-Offs

  • Start with one foot on the box and the other one on the floor. Relax your arms and keep your abs tight during the entire exercise. Twist the foot that's on the box slightly to the right. The box should be slightly below knee height.
  • Push your yourself up towards the middle of the box and close your legs. You can swing your arms a little bit, but not too much. Jump from the leg that's on the box. The other leg doesn't contribute anything to the jump.
  • Jump to the other side of the box and land on the other leg. The leg that's on the box always carries the weight. The other one only taps the floor and doesn't contribute much to jump & landing.

Trainer advice: Lateral Box Push-Offs

  • Do 12 to 20 jumps, then rest a few minutes and do another set.
  • Warm up before you get started.
  • Stretch and relax between sets and exercises.
  • Stop if knees, your hips or your ankles hurt.
  • The lateral box push-off is a very good exercises to increase the height of your one legged wushu jumps.

Videos: Lateral Box Push-Offs

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