Training Camps, Gyms and Schools I recommend

In this section you will find information about training camps and martial arts institutes I've visited myself. As you might know, I spent 5 years at the Song Jiang Wushu Institute in Shandong China. That's why Song Jiang Wushu School is my first recommendation. But not everybody comes to Flash Mavi for wushu or the type of wushu Song Jiang offers. I also visited some muay thai, muay boran, muay lao and other martial arts gyms, as well as a few gymnastics gyms and of course regular fitness gyms. Here are the gyms I liked most.


  • If you are interested in a school or training camp, please contact them directly. The prices and offers I have on Flash Mavi might have changed.
  • Don't forget to check out our martial arts animations and video instructions. Most of them were taped at these institutes.